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School Board says goodbye to Jack Leffel

posted Dec 10, 2011, 1:27 PM by bcps web   [ updated Dec 12, 2011, 7:19 AM ]

Courtesy of Botetourt View--144 regular school board meetings later, Jack Leffel,  the current school board chairman is moving on. He was elected in November to serve as Supervisor for the Fincastle District.

Leffel was serenaded by the Lord Botetourt Choir that sang two melodic tunes before upswinging into “Hit the Road, Jack.”  He received a token of appreciation from School Administration for his 12 years of service, a framed proclamation from the school board and finally a little razing from Ruth Wallace  of Amsterdam District. It is a well known fact that Leffel has never liked attending the Virginia School Board Association conferences in mid November. He is an avid hunter who hates to miss several days of rifle season.

Wallace  made a quilt out of the many years of tote bags from the VSCA conferences with pockets so he can store reading materials!

During his tenure, a few of the many items accomplished by the school board: The addition to James River High School, upgrades to buildings and athletic fields, the CIP Fund with the county, pay scale for the school division teachers, staff and administrators rose to competitive levels with other local districts. He worked with two school superintendents and helped the  school division survive many budget cuts. Leffel however still considers one of his major accomplishments getting the roof fixed at Eagle Rock Elementary School and building a working relationship with the County Government. Leffel brought populist politics, fiscal responsibility and good, common sense to the school board.

John Alderson, his replacement elected in November, was in attendance as was Leffel’s friend, Sam Foster.

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