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BTEC students are helping get Roanoke Rescue Mission on the road again, WDBJ7

posted Feb 19, 2014, 4:36 PM by bcps web   [ updated Feb 19, 2014, 4:36 PM ]

Botetourt County students are making the grade and a difference

You may remember Richard Henegar, Junior.  He's a collision repair guy who went out of his way to help a discriminated against college student.  His thoughtfulness earned him a spot on "Ellen."

"On the plane ride back I said, 'I'm going to do something with this 15-minutes of fame.I'm going to do something positive and every year I want to overhaul a deserving recipient's vehicle for free," says Henegar of Quality Auto Paint and Body.

That's where his "Quality Cares" program was born.

This year, with the help of students from Botetourt Technical Education Center, they're rehabbing a van from the Roanoke Rescue Mission.

"When this van came to you, what was this like?" asks the reporter

"It was- it was bad," says BTEC student Miguel Mejia. "But, now we're working on it and it's getting better."

Everyday students get a little closer to getting this van back on the road for the kids at the mission.
While the progress is exciting, the bigger picture is getting their motors running.

"I think it's actually really good on a helpful part, because some people aren't really fortunate," says BTEC student Michael Helms.

The interior of the van has been stripped, while the exterior is getting a re-do.
The goal?  That kids at the mission will have something safe to ride in, with some unexpected surprises built in.

Henegar and BTEC had hoped to deliver the van back to the Rescue Mission by the first week in April, but with all the snow and snow days, the project has been delayed by about 2 weeks.