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Mission and Philosphy


It is the mission of Botetourt County Public Schools to ensure that all students participate in quality learning experiences necessary to grow, to adapt and to meet the challenges of responsible citizenship in a changing global society.

Statement of Philosophy

The County School Board of Botetourt County believes...

...that the way of life cherished in the United States is founded on a great spiritual heritage, the ability of people to govern themselves through representative government, and a recognition of the dignity and integrity of the individual;

...that the home, the church, and the school are basic institutions responsible for the development of our children;

...that to preserve the ideals upon which our country was founded and to meet the great challenges facing our country and the world today, it is imperative that we maintain a public school system that functions according to democratic principles and has as its primary objective the development of worthy members of our society;

...that school practices and policies evolve from the knowledge of the nature of boys and girls, the convictions regarding the environment most conducive to learning, and the commitment to the fundamental principles underlying our form of government.